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Learn to take better care of your health!

Well Center Pharmacy is proud to offer the following classes to our customers:

young women and men in yoga class, meditation exercise
  • Nutrition

    Impact of nutrition on health, My plate method, how to read a nutrition label and determine serving sizes, and develop a nutrition goal and an action plan.

  • Activity

    Impact of physical activity on health, the relationship between activity, nutrition, and weight loss, and develop an activity goal and action plan.

  • Stress Management

    Impact of stress on health, healthy ways to prevent stress, and develop an activity goal and action plan.

  • Tobacco Cessation

    Risks of using tobacco products and the benefits of quitting. Resources for those who need help quitting. Assessment of willingness to quit.

  • Self-Monitoring and Management

    How blood glucose and blood pressure impact your health. Things that can impact blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Blood pressure and blood glucose goals and what to do if it is out of range.

  • Self-Management Topics

    Lab monitoring, physician visits, eye doctor, dentists, vaccines, and diabetic foot care.

These classes are facilitated by licensed pharmacists and care professionals. To know more about our classes and how to sign up for them, please call 843-799-5054.