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Providing quality and affordable services for the betterment of the members of our community
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Well Center Pharmacy offers the following services:

  • Provide all prescription medications to ensure correct usage
  • Serve as a Prescribed Wellness Center that provides appropriate immunizations, health screening, and patient medication compliance
  • Provide drug utilization review (DUR) for proper screening of medication-related problems such as allergies, drug interaction, and non-compliance
  • Provide medication therapy management (MTM) that collaborates with the patient and prescribes to optimize health outcomes and prevent costly medication problems
  • Provide advice on minor health-related problems and referrals to those who are in need of other healthcare providers
  • Provide delivery services of prescriptions
  • Provide better prescription pricing on cash paying customers by using the pharmacy’s comparative competitor pricing computer program
  • Provide health education classes with an emphasis on diabetes self-management, BP monitoring, Smoking Cessation, and other health-related problems
  • Provide high-quality generics, gluten-free supplements, CBD Oil, and essential home needs

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